Careful removal of concrete & co. with high-pressure water jets

Economical and dust-free: That's high-pressure water jetting with Luckei concrete milling technology. The process is ideal if the substrate is to be treated as gently as possible. It doesn't matter whether it's concrete, bitumen, paint or coatings – with HDW we can remove layers without any problem.

High-pressure water jets at a glance

Removal of:




Coatings & Sealings

Wall & Ceiling Colors

Cleaning of various surfaces

Use in the redevelopment of:

Parking garages


Swimming pools


How high-pressure water jetting works

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: pure, clear water is blasted onto the material through a nozzle. Special removal and rotation nozzles are used, which blast water with a working pressure of up to 3200 bar.

A pump is required to generate this working pressure and force water through the nozzle. The water consumption is between 1-15 m³ per hour, depending on the pump size.

When this high-pressure water jet hits the work-piece, dirt and residues are easily removed. The work-piece itself is not attacked during the process.

An employee of Luckei Betonfrästechnik processes various components by high-pressure water jetting.
A height adjustable machine for vertical high pressure water jetting.

This method can also be used for soft materials. If the material is particularly hard, powder – e.g. garnet sand – can also be added to the water.

To limit water consumption, we return the water to the high-pressure water jetting circuit whenever possible – depending on the area of application. This means that no water is wasted unnecessarily.

The advantages of HDW

High-pressure water jetting for the removal of concrete and other coatings has many advantages. It is particularly gentle on the base material and does not lead to deformation. There is also no wear of blasting media and subsequent cleaning is also not necessary. However, HDW is particularly convincing with the following properties:


Environmentally friendly (closed water circuit, dust & chemical free)

Almost limitless application possibilities

Practical insight into high-pressure water jetting