Dust-free milling of concrete, asphalt, screed and coatings

We are the right partner for every floor covering. Whether complete coverings such as concrete, asphalt and screed or coatings in a parking garage; on a bridge or an industrial floor area: with our dust-free milling technology, successful removal is problem free.

Milling & Removal


Break-up and removal of asphalt pavement


Coating and sealing


Mortar residues


Steel tiles



Industrial floors

Parking garages

Bridge decking demolition / surface removal

Industrial & Residential Buildings

Luckei employees succeed in dust-free milling with the Comicat CM 140.

This is how dust-free milling with Luckei concrete milling technology works

Dust-free milling is a mechanical method for removing concrete and other floor coverings. For the best possible results, we rely on a combination of powerful concrete milling machines and trained specialists.

Thanks to our special concrete milling machines, which are used in combination with powerful extraction systems, we achieve almost 100% dust-free work in almost all areas. Our milling work therefore, has therefore no impact on the environment - and saves on dust control measures and cleaning operations.

What is dust-free milling used for?

Dust-free milling is the perfect substrate preparation and is often used before new floor construction. With our particularly fine working tools, we achieve a surface roughness depth of up to 1-2 mm.

Our services extend further than surface removal, however. On request, we can also mill joints into surfaces adapting joint width and depth as required.

An employee performs dust-free milling in a hall.
Milling work on a bridge is carried out using an excavator complete with milling head.

Dust-free milling - no problem even vertically!

Thanks to specialized milling heads and tools, we can also handle difficult surfaces without any problems. Whether wall, ceiling or overhead surface - we work 100% dust-free during vertical milling as well as in all other milling areas. This makes us your ideal partner for the vertical milling of concrete walls, foundations or tunnel and bunker walls, for example.

The advantages summarized

Low dust

Low vibration

Environmentally conscious

Our machines in use