Dust-free shot peening as ideal surface preparation

Dust-free shot peening is the procedure of choice when substrates need to be processed particularly finely. The precision of the process makes it possible to remove separating layers such as concrete slurries, dirt or adhesive residues with low surface roughness. In this way, steel, coatings or tiles are cleaned and prepared to receive a new coating.

Dust-free shot peening at a glance

Preparation/editing of:







Steel tiles

Areas of application:

Concrete repair

Parking garage renovation

Bridge renovation

Industrial & Residential Buildings

Pollutant Remediation

This is how dust-free shot peening works, according to DIN 8200

The field of application of shot peening is a form of blasting as defined by DIN 8200. In shot peening, small grains of abrasive are thrown onto a surface via blast wheels, compressed air or injector blasting systems.

At a pressure is 2 to 7 bar, the force causes plastic deformation. If this sounds heavy-handed, it is in practice absolute precision work: the abrasive process is particularly gentle and precise. Ensuring that quality and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Thanks to safe process control, we remove low-strength layers, whereby a required adhesive pull value of 1.5 > N is achieved. This increases the surface area, which is important when bonding and applying new layers.

We suck up removed particles directly through an integrated system. We then separate the particles from the abrasive so that it can be reused, creating a closed material cycle.

Ein Mitarbeiter von Luckei Betonfrästechnik nutzt einen Kugelstrahler, um Asphalt aufzurauen.
Dust-free shot peening is the ideal floor preparation.

When is dust-free shot peening useful?

Dust-free shot peening is an excellent way to prepare floors, because the procedure renders the surface structure porous and more rough. This makes it easier to apply new superstructures.

At the same time, the slip resistance and grip of the surface is improved. Old, worn floors (e.g. asphalt) can thus be made safer again. Overall, therefore, it is the method of choice when it comes to refreshing floors and preparing them for further treatment.

The advantages summarized

Increased slip resistance and grip

Gentle on the material in use

The ideal process for surface preparation

Low emissions thanks to a closed abrasive circuit

Practical insight into shot peening