Surface treatment by diamond grinding technology

The right surface treatment is becoming increasingly important. Diamond grinding technology is a particular focus here. With this special procedure, we process concrete, screed and asphalt floors in a way which creates a terrazzo-like surface.

Diamond grinding highlights the natural minerals and aggregates of your surface in a particularly aesthetic way. During the process, we can easily eliminate surface elevations as well as visual defects. In addition, diamond grinding can be used to create anti-slip steps that make your floor safer.

Surface treatment at a glance

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Areas of application:

Structural engineering

Industrial construction



How we process surfaces with our diamond grinding technology

Special grinding machines are used which mechanically reduce the natural structure of the surface. Exact treatment depends on the required objective.

Usually, it is a matter of aesthetics, value retention or an improvement in working conditions. Above all, the focus is on the refinement of concrete and industrial surfaces. The aim is to make dull concrete floors shine, while creating better working conditions.

The mechanical reduction in the grinding process creates a smoother surface, which resembles the popular terrazzo style, with its visible aggregate and partially untreated areas.

A neatly finished asphalt surface.
Close-up of a surface prepared by diamond grinding technique in terrazzo style.

But processing by diamond grinder is not only visually convincing: the properties of the floor are also improved. The floor gains slip resistance and is much easier to clean. This makes this type of processing ideal for concrete and industrial surfaces.

Overall, this form of processing is the right choice for making old floors fit again, giving them a visual and functional upgrade in the process. And, best of all, the process is so efficient that it takes very little time - and the floor is ready for use again straight away.

The advantages of surface treatment by diamond grinding

Non-slip, low-maintenance surface

Aesthetic enhancement through terrazzo look

Smooth surface with smooth running for industrial vehicles

Dust-free and easy to clean

Quickly usable again after treatment

Practical insight into surface processing